SHURDALIFE is not just a word - it’s a lifestyle.

Or rather a word I put on a lifestyle that came to me, which has made me feel good. Life can be handled in many ways. For example you can yell and feel hate when you get a parking ticket or cry when you miss your flight. You may have anxiety over what you eat, over all social rules and over what to wear. Or you can choose to stick out your tongue to the whole thing. Shrug your shoulders, laugh and say SHURDALIFE. I’ll do better tomorrow. Maybe. Or maybe not. No matter what I'm gonna do what feels good. Living SHURDALIFE. When life gives you a bitch slap: duck, put on a pair of colorful socks and laugh life in the face. If you are not happy with one ice cream - buy one more! A bigger one. If you drop it?
Try to stick your tongue out, laugh and say: SHURDALIFE.


SHURDALIFE is an approach to life that has brought me joy.
2019 i decided to spread it further than my social media and friends. I want to offer something that gives affinity to SHURDALIFE. I made a couple of T-shirts and would have been happy if only a few had liked them but you gave SHURDALIFE love! During the first 24 hours I got over 300 orders from over 40 different countries. And it just kept going... There were clothes, bath towels, sweatershoodies, etc. Even the kids and babies got some cozy clothes in different colors. There are no words to describe the joy I feel over the fact that you have embraced the SHURDALIFE. That you are with me! That you choose to spend your hard-earned money on standing up for the shoulder-shaking, unproblematic and joyful SHURDALIFE-life and showing it by wearing its garments. The future looks bright for SHURDALIFE lifestyle and clothing.  

SHURDA LOVE to you all!

CEO/ Daniel Daki Savic